My dissertation project, Up from the Dirt: Racializing Refuge, Rupture, and Repair in Philadelphia, was based upon years of ethnographic observation, interviews, and archival research in Philadelphia working with organizations that care for and resettle refugees. My dissertation places care for refugees and other humanitarian migrants in political, economic, and social context with a particular emphasis on broader patterns of racial discrimination and state-sanctioned violence. […]

Trauma & Inheritance

My second major project, Inheritance, picks up on the themes of trauma, history, and memory that my first project elaborated. This project will be examining how patients, scholars, and physicians conceptualize the process of inheritance, particularly when it comes to the biological consequences of social inequality. In examining the fields of epigenetics and the embodiment of trauma, I hope to draw upon critical anthropological studies of violence, historical memory, psychoanalysis, and methods in cultural and biocultural anthropology.

Health Equity and Medical Education

I also have interests in health equity and medical education. Previously, I helped direct a core course in social medicine for first year medical students, as well as an elective in service learning. I currently serve as a postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Health Equity Advancement. To learn more about my work in health equity and medical education, see here.

Human Rights in/and Medicine

Other work I have conducted is in human rights, humanitarian practice, and medicine. Currently, I am the co-chair of the Physicians for Human Rights Student Advisory Board. I have also worked with the Philadelphia Human Rights Clinic, Doctors 4 Camp Closure, and Doctors for America on projects related to human rights. You can see more about this aspect of my work here.