Health Equity & Medical Education

I also have interests in health equity and medical education. Previously, I have helped direct a core course in social medicine for first year medical students, as well as an elective in service learning.

Center for Health Equity Advancement

I currently serve as a postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Health Equity Advancement.I’m working with the Center for Health Equity Advancement to understand and reform how race is used (incorrectly) in the pre-clinical and clinical curricula at Penn. These manuscripts are currently in progress. I’ve also done work on interventions for social needs and health system interventions into the social and structural determinants of health.

Doctoring IA:

For several years, I worked with a team to develop and run a course for first year medical students titled Doctoring 1A: Introduction to Medicine and Society. A summary of our initial concept of the course can be found in this article, which describes the philosophy and general structure of the course sessions: “Integrating Theory, Content, and Method to Foster Critical Consciousness in Medical Students: A Comprehensive Model for Cultural Competence Training”.

I have also previously written about the hidden curriculum, the embodiment of racism, and the stress of discrimination.

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